I Think I Need A Shower

After all the mudslinging, I need a shower…yuck.

As much as I love getting dirty, this type of mudslinging is not fun. It’s irritating. And I think I have eye strain from all of the eye rolling I did the last few days.

So on to fun things, like books and pretty pictures and my upcoming schedule. Okay…the schedule I’m running is not fun, but it won’t be this way forever.

This month is already almost half over and with being sick several days, I’m falling behind in getting my massive to-do list worked on. Not to mention all of the upcoming stuff.

January 16th – The first meeting of an intensive writing group I was accepted into begins and work on Relic Hunter will begin in earnest.

January 29th – I’ll be guest hosting the Catholic Geek for Declan who will be a guest during the launch party for his new release Live and Let Bite

February 12th – I’ll be a guest on the Catholic Geek talking about who knows what.

February 18th – I’ll be presenting Book Cover Design for Indie Authors at the Catholic Writers Conference Online

If all goes well I will be releasing Path of Angels by the end of February.




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