Mudslinging, Take 2: SP5 Edition

Wow. Here I thought the mudslinging would be between the snowflake camp and the two puppy camps. Apparently I was wrong.  It seems that as with all organizations without clear strong direction, things tend to go sideways.

And dear God did they…over a blog post of recommendations of all things.

When Larry Correia was leading the charge there was a definite mission. He didn’t have to tell people he was in charge, everyone knew it and they followed him. Or so I’ve been told. Other than for entertainment value, I didn’t pay much attention to it until SP3. Both he and Brad Torgenson took loads of crap for leading the charge.

However, from what I have seen, he didn’t openly go after people who were on his side. There was a issue between him and Vox, which was apparently handled privately and Rabid puppies was born. But, beyond that, the loose band of puppies sort of went all in the same direction.

After SP3, something seems to have gone terribly wrong. Was it the fact that people were fed up with the treatment the puppies (both Sad and Rabid) received at the Hugo Awards? Was it the change in leadership? Was it the change in goals in SP4 that made things fizzle? Maybe it was a combination of a lot of little things…who knows. Either way, it lost it’s oomph.

As I said yesterday, I don’t care what happens with the Hugos. Let World Con die a miserable death due to neglect. Oh, there will still be some old farts who want to continue to relive their glory days when their opinion may have mattered. But, most people will have moved on to more interesting things.

And after yesterday’s display of “leadership” SP5 has, I’m bowing out. I have no interest in being part of or supporting a group that goes after it’s own supporters publicly regardless of how wrong they think the person was. Frankly, I don’t care what the fight is over, it should have been handled privately rather than aired on Facebook or other social media. It’s the kind of “leadership” that makes SP5 look entirely too much like the snowflake side.

Declan Finn posted his suggestions for SP5. I looked it over before it went live. It’s clear to a rational personal reading what the blog actually says, that these were his personal suggestions, not official recommendations. Yet, after an uproar by certain people, there is now a “disclaimer” at the top of the post, which is complete bullshit.

This could have been handled maturely and privately rather than publicly. Maybe a polite email  or PM saying, “Hey, you’re post is causing some confusion. Would you mind making a few minor changes?”

Apparently, that would be far too professional. Instead, a post warning everyone to follow Sarah’s lead went out on the Mad Genius Club blog with Sarah’s blessing. In my experience, if you have to tell people, you’re in charge, you’re not.

A leader has to do what they do without worrying about what the followers are doing. Because frankly, no one has any clue who all the puppies are. There is no registration. It’s a self selected group who do their own thing.

To try and take the hammer to anyone who makes a claim about the Sad Puppies group, nominations, etc is an exercise in futility and time wasted on in-fighting that accomplishes nothing. Brand control is pointless concerning an issue like this.

Yesterday was not a good day. As usual, my mouth gets me in trouble. Or in this case my fingers. I expressed my confusion over the odd interpretation of Declan’s post. It wasn’t very polite, frankly, because I had 2 hours of sleep and I was crappy. It was met with hostility. I let it drop.

The “leadership” of SP5 decided to issue a warning blog post to everyone that Sarah’s in charge and no one should be doing anything without her say so. That lit my fuse and started a slow building fire that culminated in me going off on Kate who was SP4’s head.

I hadn’t read her entire comment, which was directed toward Declan. The section that set me off was the part about where he was “TOLD” x, y & z. If you want to see me spontaneously combust, get on your high horse and act like you have any damn authority over anyone else. I don’t care who it is, or even if I like the person being attacked. You will get my unfiltered opinion.

It went down hill from there.

I don’t care what anyone thinks of me. I don’t owe anyone an account of my actions and if you don’t like my opinion, well that’s your problem, not mine.

This will be my last SP related post. I am moving on to better things. Like finishing my damn books and hitting the NYT Bestseller List. (You can stop laughing anytime.)




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    I saw the post when it went up. I\’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it was pretty obvious he was just making suggestions.

    The posts that rebuked him sounded like virtue signaling to the clique. Belittling and talking down to someone just having a bit of fun over a stupid recommendation list is pretty silly. MGC seems to have forgotten this is all just for fun.

    The name-calling and passive-aggressive stabs were incredibly low. Pretty sure this is the nadir of the Sad Puppies.

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      What annoyed me more than anything was that they didn\’t link to the post and didn\’t use Declan\’s name.

      As Mrs. Wright pointed out in the comments, it seems as if the reason a fuse was blown had to do more with private communications than anything else, and hey, fair enough.

      But it is passive-aggressive – it is, to put it bluntly, bitchy and pathetic – to call somebody out like that without indicating who it is. If you\’re going to accuse somebody of something like that and go on a screed about them, sack up and at least indicate who you\’re talking about. To avoid doing so is just cowardly.

      As for Declan, well, I have no idea what went on behind the scenes, so hey, maybe he deserved the attitude. But if so they need to be 1) A hell of a lot clearer about what they\’re accusing him of (like you, I don\’t even slightly buy that his post was unclear, it was not and we all know it), and 2) Actually name who they\’re accusing instead of shit talking him behind his back.

      I\’m saying this about people who are nominally on my side, but then again I\’ve called out such illustrious men as Tom Simon and John C. Wright, so I hope that my criticism of their conduct in this particular instance isn\’t taken as a blanket disavowal of everything they\’ve ever said or done. It\’s not. But this is not their finest hour.

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