Let The Mudslinging Begin

Once again, millions of people around the globe will ignore the Hugo Awards. (As they should. Who really wants to get in the middle of a pissing match between authors and readers of various political stripes anyway.) People will go on with their lives, read good fiction, watch good movies and not care one iota about an award other than to notice that the work that wins the award is usually crap. Sometimes it’s not, but why chance it.

My notice to nominate arrived in my email this morning.

Oh joy.

This year, I just don’t care what happens at the Hugos. I will nominate who I think should win, as I did last year, and that will be it. I have not and do not plan to renew my membership, simply because the money would be better spent supporting authors I like rather than this organization. An organization that allows some of it’s members to bully, belittle and blacklist other members all because of political differences.

Many on the puppy side have moved on to bigger and better things, such as the Dragon Awards given out at Dragon Con in Atlanta.

Most have decided to use their money to talk, rather than their vote. By this, I mean, they are no longer giving money to a group that attacks and belittles them. The Asshole awards from 2015 cinched it for many authors. The rest bailed after last year was more of the same.

It’s obvious by the voting the last few years, that politics, rather than quality, were the main concern of many voters. Well, congratulations World Con, you have pushed out many of the yucky people and will have to support the failing organization yourselves. Good luck with that.

I figured after last year things might die down a bit since the Sad Puppies have for the most part moved on. I was wrong. The snowflakes just can’t accept that the Dragon Awards have taken over the center of attention.

For the past three years or so, they’ve been crying “Start your own award”…blah…blah…blah So, the puppies move on to a different award and now they’re complaining about that.

Make up your minds. Seriously.

Anyways, the proverbial shit has already started hitting the fan with the attack on Brian Niemeyer’s Dragon Award. A post by some Euroblogger by the name of “Doris” went on a rampage about how it wasn’t popular Horror. Well, “Doris”, it was popular with the Dragon Con crowd who voted, which are the only ones that mattered for this award. ┬áJust as those who vote for the Hugo Awards are the only ones who matter for that award.

If you have an issue with who was or wasn’t nominated, well there’s an easy way to fix that.

The Dragon Awards are open to anyone. Have a favorite author you’d like to see win the award, register and vote. That is all there is to it. No membership or fee required.

For the elitists who think the Dragon Awards are a second rate award, well we’ll see how long the Hugo awards last without the influx of money from the puppy members and puppy sympathizers in the next few years. And how well the Hugo winners do with their award compared to the more popular Dragon Award. Time will tell.

I suspect the mudslinging will continue from now until…well, the Hugos die a miserable death.

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