2016 In Review

2016 was a very mixed bag. There were some wins and some losses and a bunch of neutrals.


Let’s take a look at my resolutions first.

First and foremost, I need to get off my ass and get Path of Angels ready for publication. I will get this done this year if it kills me.

Much, much closer than I was at the beginning of the year. I have a plan for rewrites at the very least. Looking forward to having time next week to actually work on it.

Second – have more fun and spend less time working.

I’ve definitely had more fun this year. I’ve been to my first Comic Cons and even went in cosplay. I traveled to Chicago, Philly, Kansas City and Omaha this year.

Third – figure out how to reconcile resolution #1 with resolution #2.

I learned to combine work and play.

Fourth – read more fiction.

That, I did. Not as much as I would have liked, but I have read more.

Fifth – finish several more stories in the Relic Hunter Series.

This was a success/failure. I did finish more stories in the series, but lost several of them in a computer crash.

Sixth – do more art.

I have done more art. Not a lot, but some.

Lastly, get out from behind my computer and go places and do stuff

I’ve tried. Even when I’ve gone on trips, I’ve taken my computer. Unfortunately, when all of your work is at a computer, there aren’t a lot of options but to be at a computer.

Book Covers

I’ve done quite a few covers this year. I added a desktop computer, a drawing tablet, and a camera to my list of equipment for creating newer and better book covers. I’ve learned a lot of new techniques and ways of creating the designs that I want.

I did a presentation for the CWCO on book cover basics, which was a new experience. Presenting to an audience I cannot see or interact with is odd.


I went to my first Cons this year. The first was O Con in Council Bluffs. Those are tiring, even if you aren’t doing anything.

The second was Kansas City Comic Con. That seemed not quite as big as O Con, but then the building it was in was huge so looks could have been deceiving.

I also was at Catholic Writers Conference Live in Chicago. That was fun. I finally met a bunch of people I had only ever talked to on the internet. Brought home a ton of books and required a car repair to the tune of $400. Yeah, that was fun.

Lastly, I attended a National Diaper Conference in Philadelphia. Saw some of the sites and did a ton of walking. Learned a few things too.


Still not done with Path of Angels…sigh.

Made it though the first Chapter of Relic Hunter. This is the book I’ll be working on with Cinder Writer’s Groups which I was accepted into this year.

Started on a new book with Declan Finn as co-author. This is going to be interesting, especially considering we have totally different working and writing styles. Oh, and I can be a bit difficult and bossy and a perfectionist. We’ll see who kills who first. (Yes, I’m kidding. The only blood shed will be on paper.)

One Page Podcast

My newest adventure has been starting a podcast. The One Page Podcast, is me reading a page or so from some of my favorite books. It’s gone over fairly well. I’ve even been told I should be doing audiobooks. I think I’ll stick with reading single pages. It’s easier. Okay, I did have a small part in Sad Puppies Bite Back audiobook, but that’s the extent of my narrating books.


I’m still shocked, but I actually have fans of both my writing and my art. And there is quite a bit of interest in Path of Angels. I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to people liking my stuff.


It’s been positive by a hair’s width. This year was very much about discovering what I want and what I want to accomplish and beginning to build the base on which I’ll need to grow. It’s been about learning to be social when really I’d rather just lurk in the background. It’s also been about helping and encouraging others.







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