Back to Work

The Christmas holiday is sort of over. Technically it’s just started, but I’m going to ignore that little fact and get on with work.

I spent Saturday with my mom celebrating Christmas. We went out to eat and then did a bit of shopping. I went way overboard on the Christmas present for her this year…shoe laces…they were $1. It’s what she wanted. [shrug]

On Christmas Day and the day after, I spent it doing charity work at Mary’s Choice. With the new year coming up, there is still so much to do to get ready. Our to-do list was bigger than the two days we worked, but we got the most important things done.

Today, I’m back hard at work trying to get ahead on a few things. Like prepping newsletters for next year. I work on 3 for Marys Choice, 1 for OCDS, 1 for CWG, 1 for TCU and my own. A few hours of prep time today will save me the stress of trying to do it when I’m super busy, which happens.

I also have a bit of social media stuff I need to attend to. It’s really kind of a pain, because I’d rather stick to being social with people I know and like. But, it’s part of being a writer, so I do it.

Once I get this routine stuff out of the way, I can go back to working on Path of Angels. I’m currently in the middle of writing a rescue attempt. It’s a bit hard to write, because I don’t think like my character. I would have gotten myself killed from doing something totally stupid. My character, is a bit smarter and more reasoned than I am.

At some point, I hope, I’ll be working on some PR stuff as well with Declan. Maybe. We’ll see how that goes.

But, anyway, I better get back to work. This stuff isn’t going to do itself.


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