More Than One Way To Start A Rebellion

Decreeing that religion is the root of societies problems, the Council of Nacerma first banned religious practice from the public square, then later they outlawed the private practice of religion as well. There was minor unrest early on, but the people settled into a life of secularism, most of which had already adopted prior to the law.

There was, however, a small group of rebels who took their beliefs underground. They secretly smuggled men out of the country to be ordained and then returned to serve both their country and their Church. This went on for years until a new generation came along and a renewed interest in something bigger than themselves sparked a growth in the Church.

In Path of Angels, there are two distinct groups that have sprung from this growth: the shadow warriors and the guerrilla warriors.


Like termites, the shadow warriors undermine the rule of law from within. They blend into society and quietly practice their faith in secret. The less attention they draw, the better. Undetected by the government, they can grow the Church to the point that it will be impossible for the government to stop it.

They were patterned partially after the Elizabethan Christians of England who built priest holes in their homes and hidden compartments for religious items. They quietly operated their churches under the nose of the government.


The guerrilla warriors are open about their religious beliefs and actively cause disruption and chaos. These brave souls put their life on the line for their faith. They believe that open rebellion is necessary. Public displays, while dangerous, bring the issue to the public where it can gain support. Vandalism, destruction, violence, and other extreme methods may be employed. There ultimate goal is to overturn the law banning religious practice.


Like the early Christians, the underground Church in Nacerma holds Mass where ever they can find a place to so undetected. In New Athens, Fr. Thadi uses an abandoned industrial building for his church. The alter and pews are slapped together out of left over materials laying around, mainly concrete blocks, rough planks of wood and rotting sheets of plywood. The vestments in abandoned buildings, bars, homes, open fields, anyplace that they can do so undetected. They have a secret system of identification to help identify other members. Together, the shadow warriors and the guerrilla warriors battle the same enemy with two different purposes.







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