The Geography of Path of Angels

I setup my world was setup based on some ideas that were floating around the internet at the time and a bit on history.

I’ve done a ton of family history research and with that some historical research. One thing I noticed was that people tended to locate themselves in areas with people similar to themselves. My German relatives moved from Germany to German communities. My Irish family, similar. If I was searching for a lost relative, I would look for where their family and neighbors moved. I could usely find them there.

The US started out similarly. People of the same political/religious bent tended to locate in a single area.

When war broke out in my fictional world, people began moving to areas where people of similar political and philosophical ideals were. After the war, these areas formed their own governments.

The remainder of the US, after California and Nevada are traded to the Chinese, breaks up into several countries.

In the NW, there is NorthGates, which is Bill Gates’ own little kingdom. He purchased the area from the US for a sizeable and undisclosed amount. The country is teched out to the max.

Along the Rockies is Zion. This area is the haven of the mormons. The country is setup according to religious law.

In the middle are Norvel, Nacerma and Texas.¬†Nacerma is still at war with Norvel over the shared¬†border. Norvel is a place that many outdoor types, tree huggers, militia types and pagans migrated too. It’s an interesting conglomeration.

Nacerma makes up most of the Great Plains area in the central part of what used to be the US. Location wise, New Athens sits on the decimated site of Sioux City and the capital of Galt is where Omaha currently sits. Some of the locations in the books are places and buildings that have long since been torn down or never existed. Few are based on current buildings, unless they provide something of significance to the story.


Texas is the gun capital of the world. They were also the first country to attain peace at then end of the world. Texas expanded to include several other states.

Oneida is the area near the Great Lakes. New Ampsterdam formed in the New England area and the Confederate States formed in much of the old South.

Here is the map that I came up with when I was first developing this story. Aninogazaar was what Nacerma had originally been called. It is bad Mongolian for heart (anino) land (gazaar). It didn’t flow so I changed it to Nacerma which doesn’t mean anything.

Thanks to all the nuts who posted their wild ideas and conspiracy theories online. Creating this world wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun without them.


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