Novel Overload Coming Soon

I am finding my self fast approaching an avalanche of novel projects happening all at the same time. Of course, my other work isn’t going to be lessening anytime soon, so this should be an interesting juggling act. In the end, I will have three completed novels ready for publication.

First, I’m trying to finish up Path of Angels, which is going slower than expected, mainly because I’ve been sick and too tired to do much work. I’m starting to feel better so I’m hoping this weekend I can finish up most of the changes.

Second, Dark Court, the book I will be writing with another author, has begun. I need to flesh out the outline and then begin writing.

Third, I have been accepted into the Cinder Writers group and will be writing and working on Relic Hunter. This will be rather intensive because there requirements for submissions and critiques.

All of these books have special interest to me in one way or another.

Path of Angels is about finding a way to live ones faith in a hostile environment.

Dark Court centers around my love of Irish culture and mythology.

And Relic Hunter combines my love of science fiction, fantasy, political intrigue, adventure and a touch of religion.

While I will have great fun working on all of them, it will be a lot of hard work and probably plenty of nights with little sleep.


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