Review: Sad Puppies Bite Back Book and Audiobook

Disclaimer: I cleaned up the audio files for the audiobook and I have a small part in it. The cover was the only part I played in the creation of the book.

I have to say, I like the audiobook version better than the book version. Why? Because, Declan’s reading adds to the hilarity of the text.

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Sad Puppies Bite Back started as blog posts on his blog at They are satirical posts revolving around the shitstorm that was the fight over the Hugo Awards. Most of the posts were a “what if” different people were SWATted, with a few behind the scenes look at conversations between the major players of the Puppy Kickers.

Declan took these posts, rearranged some, edited some, added a few things here and there and boom…a book.

I read the original blog posts and found them hilarious. Little did I know what was in store for me when I heard the audiobook. I made the mistake of listening to part of it at work. My boss heard me laughing all the way back to his office. The dude is deaf, so you can imagine.

Satire is one of my favoritest genres. Done well, there is a bit of truth mixed into exaggeration and complete fiction. While the Puppy Kickers are jerks in their own special way, the fictional versions of them are nothing more than exaggerated caricatures that play on particular aspects of these jerk’s personality or lack there of.


This is by far my favorite part of the entire book…It’s from a meeting of the Puppy Kickers.

This part from Chapter 2 is another of my favorites. I suspect this part is only section in the entire book that is close to factual.

One last one. If you want to hear the rest, you’ll have to buy it. This comes from Chapter 1 and is a total exaggeration


This is hilarious. Even if you don’t quite know who everyone is, have no clue what the Hugo Awards are, or what the fight is even about, you’ll still get the humour of it. Mainly, because the characters are general enough that there is someone in everyone’s life that could fit into the different roles. Or just listen to Declan’s rendition and have a good laugh.


The only real criticism I have is with the audiobook version. That Dawn Whitsky, whomever she is, is awful.


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