Upcoming Book Reviews

Yes, I am behind on book reviews. I usually have about 3 books going at once. But, dang I’ve been busy lately and honestly, these are low on my list of priorities at the moment. They come right below sleep and above avoiding working.

As winter sets in and just popping in the car and going comes to an end, I will have more time to read.

Monday I will have out a review for Set to Kill by Declan Finn. I’ve actually had this done for a while waiting for it to publish. That happens on Monday.

After that is Amie Gibbon’s The God Defense, where magic and law collide. I’m part way through and hope to finish it up soon.

Then I move on to a Sherlock Holmes novella, The Case of the Disgraced Detective by Eileen Finn, which promises to be interesting. I do love a good Sherlock Holmes story.

Marina Fontaine’s The Product follows that. If you remember, I reviewed her first book, Chasing Freedom in June.

Then on to Saint Magnus, The Last Viking by Susan Peek. I have never heard fo Saint Magnus so this should be a learning experience.

I’m throwing in another comic review to change things up. The Shephard by Andrea Molinari looks fun. We’ll see if it holds up better than Joan of Arc did.

Last on my list, for now, is Comet Dust by C.D. Verhoff. This is an apocolyptic thriller, which is one of my favorite genres. Mainly, because I like to be prepared just in case and sometimes, there are really good ideas in these books. (Plan A for me is to hold up in the local Sam’s Club with my dogs and closest friends and family.)

So, there you go. I’ll add books as I get requests.



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