Post Presidential Election Stupid

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a crazier election season or crazier post-election reaction.

My first clue that this would be nuts is the fact that there were almost no political signs anywhere in my small city. The last two elections, they were filled with them. I even saw spoof signs this year, which were nonexistent previously.

Sioux City is in a very red area, but has a few bluish parts to the city. It’s expected that there would be Trump signs and maybe a Hillary sign here and there, but mostly local politician signs. I didn’t expect the Hillary for Jail signs or the Palpatine/Vader sign. Proud Union Member signs have cropped up around town too. It’s as if people were embarrassed to claim either candidate. Shocking, I know.

Every election is just an embarrassment for the education system, but I think this one takes the prize. How can so many voters not have the first clue how our government functions (or doesn’t in some cases)?

We didn’t vote for a Monarch or Dictator or Dark Lord. Presidents do not have unlimited power to do whatever they want. Our government has three branches for the purpose of checks and balances on the other branches so that doesn’t happen.

Is this basic information not taught in school? Do people not pay attention? Did political commercials rob them of their senses? (okay that last one might explain it.)

Please, someone explain it to me, because it’s just beyond my comprehension.

Trump must work within the law or risk getting dinged by the Courts (as Obama has numerous times) or by Congress (as Obama has numerous times).

Congress…repeat after me…Congress, not the President, has the most power of the three branches. They are the only branch that can boot a President, limit the power of the Supreme Court, and most importantly, change the Constitution. Congressional races are the ones that people should be paying attention to. They are the politicians with the power. Granted, there are a lot more of them, so it’s harder to get things done because of that, but, that is by design.

Government shouldn’t have unlimited power. They should be servants to the people, not dictators.

End of civics lesson. Maybe.

After a shocking election (yes, I was shocked too), the country exploded in crazy. I mean seriously. People were contemplating suicide over a flipping election. That is just nuts.

Then there were the riots, death threats of voters, KKK parades, a rash of false reports of hate crimes by Trump supporters, safety pins (seriously?), public displays of hysterics, flag burnings, calls for violence, and on and on and on.

Even in my haven of Red, there are people who are supposed to be professionals screaming at Trump voters in public places, having complete breakdowns, and being completely unprofessional all over a flipping election of a president who we will at most have to put up with for eight years.

Seriously, people, grow up. Stop acting like spoiled brats throwing a temper tantrum. Take off the damn safety pins, you look stupid. Get hobby, or a job, or hell just get a life, because you spend entirely too much energy on shit that doesn’t matter in the long run.

Trump is our new president for better or worse. And if he is as terrible as some of you think he will be, then get off your asses and work to vote in someone better in four years.




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