Another New Toy To Play With

Until today, I was using a cast off gaming headset that my son was no longer using to record my podcast. There were some issues with it that made recording a challenge. It just was not designed for that purpose.

I broke down and headed out to look for a new microphone. It should be an easy task, you’d think with a dozen stores selling electronics and computer gear. Was I wrong. I checked Walmart first, because, well it’s within a mile of my house and I’m there nearly everyday anyway. Nothing.

I checked with all of the compute stores in town. Nothing.

One of them suggested either Staples or Radio Shack. Staples had nothing. Radio Shack had one smallish USB condenser mic for $40. I figured I’d keep looking because I wanted something a little bit better quality.

Best Buy was the only other place that I could find with a microphone. They had one Yeti that was $100.

I bit the bullet and went back to Radio Shack for the cheaper one.

I’ve already tried it out and it works fine. I had a bit of issue with static at first, which I discovered was being caused by my Kindle. Go figure.

Next Thursday the One Page Podcast will be back with another edition. So, stay tuned.

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