Election Is Over, Back To Work

I admit it, sometimes I’m a political junkie. Not often, but on occasion. (I was a Political Science major in college, so it’s inevitable that I’ll jump in once in a while.)Mostly I spend hours banging my head against a wall reading the stupid on Facebook. I shouldn’t be shocked. The state of the education system seems to have been failing people for years, especially in terms of how our government works and the role of each branch.

Honestly, the sky is not going to fall because Trump won. It wouldn’t be if Hillary won either. They are just the President, not a dictator or royalty or superhumans with super powers (although that would be kinda cool). Trump, just like Obama, will have his hands tied when it comes to a whole host of things, because that is how our government works. The President’s job is to implement the laws, spend the money and lead the military…oh, and look pretty during photo ops with leaders of other countries. The real work is done by the President’s staff, aids, cabinet and government workers. Welfare is not going anywhere, nor are the laws against murder, assault/battery or rape. So chill.

The important races are the ones for Congress, where they have the power to write laws and change the Constitution. Seriously people, did you never learn this? Over looked in the hysteria of the Presidency is that both houses of Congress are controlled by the Republicans. This is a bit hysterical since the media and Democrats and everyone in the “know” have been talking about how Republicans are a dying political party and will never win on the national stage again, because of xy or z reasons. Insert racists, homophobic, old white men, misogynists, or any other derogatory remark you’d like.

People, people, people. You only need to look at history to know that political power in the US shifts when people are unhappy. It did at the end of George W. Bush’s term and again at the end of Barrack Obama’s term. This is not at all unusual. Those who are unhappy with the current administration are more motivated to vote than those that are happy with the party in power. And people have been extremely unhappy under Obama, because the rainbows and unicorns that he promised have not materialized. People are worse off today than they were 8 years ago in some ways. Of course, the general population as a group has a very short memory and doesn’t seem to remember the massive layoffs, $4/$5 per gallon gas, or the housing collapse of years ago. They are concerned with the crappy job market, the mess of health insurance (thank’s government), the ever increasing nanny state.

This time, though, I think much of what got Trump elected wasn’t so much blaming the current party in power, but the huge number of people who just plain didn’t like her. I haven’t been able to stand her since I saw the video of her being snotty and talking down to a woman who asked her a question at a foreign visit. What a hag. She acted like it was above her to even be there. That is the kind of attitude that lost her a great number of Democrat supporters.

I was not happy with either candidate. I honestly thought that Trump was the distraction so that the real candidates of the Republican Party could have time to get their support squared away before the Democrats began their attacks. Was I shocked when he got the nomination. I was also shaking my head. Really? There wasn’t a better choice out there? Come on. 300 million people and Trump is the best candidate the Republicans had…yikes.

There were a lot of people pushing for a third-party candidate. Those people apparently don’t recall when Ross Perot or Ron Paul ran on a third-party ticket. The only thing a third-party does is make people feel good. In all reality, we have two parties to choose from. Which means we were going to be stuck with Hillary or Trump. Third-party candidates don’t have a chance in hell of winning on the national stage, because there isn’t the foundation for it at the local and state level. Practically, voting for a third-party has the same effect as not voting at all.

Anyway…the election is over, Trump won. Life will go on, so back to work.


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