Nanowrimo Day 5

It’s day five here at Nanowrimo. I started out well with over 1K (1043) the first day and then work got in the way and I tanked.

On day 2, I logged a big fat zero words total.

Day 3 was a bit better. A very tiny bit better: 29 words. It’s not much, but I’m moving forward.

On day 4 I bounced back with 590 words.

Thanks to being unable to sleep, I have a total of 2077 words this morning. Yeah, that’s not very impressive considering most of those were written the first four days.

I need another 6k+ to get back on track.

Which is not happening. I did however get another 785 words written so that’s something.



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    Today is Sunday, you can have the day off.

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      And I did take the day off from writing. I spend the day working at Mary’s Choice instead.

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