Post #300?

Huh…only 300 posts in 10 years. That’s an average of 30 posts a year or 2.5 per month. Sad. I know.

In my defense, I didn’t take blogging seriously for most of that time.

I still don’t take blogging seriously…or much of anything, really.

So what’s been popular on my blog?

  1. Way at the top by more than 1900% is Taking Sides. That was my first official Sad Puppies post. I also got my first troll and mentioned on File 770 a month later.
  2. Review: Honor At Stake comes in 2nd place. This was my first real book review on my blog. It’s a damn good book and the sequel, Murphy’s Law of Vampires is out this week. I designed the covers for both of these books. And will be doing a review of Murphy’s shortly.
  3. In third place goes to Kansas City Comic Con Report. This was the second comicbook/sci-fi convention that I’d ever been too and it was awesome! I met some great writers and rode a dragon.
  4. Republicans Suck! is a bit of fun satire poking fun at the politics.
  5. YA/NA Catholic Fiction Site Coming Soon! announced the start of The Catholic Underground site.
  6. Down With The Dragon Awards! is another bit of sad puppies satire.
  7. Here A Con, There A Con, Everywhere A Con Con! I’m kind of surprised this made the top ten since it’s just a run down of my expected schedule for next year.
  8. Review: Unclaimed by Erin Cupp I loved reading this book. Need to find time to read the second book.
  9. One Page Podcast: A Single Bead & Catholic Writers Conference Live Report These two tied for 9th place.
  10. Review: A Pius Legacy It’s interesting that the third book in the Pius Trilogy would beat out the first two reviews.




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