The Strange Bedfellows of the NDBN

As I’ve posted before, I attended the 2016 National Diaper Banks of America Conference in Philadelphia last week.

I’ve been to a number of events because of my involvement with Mary’s Choice. Almost all of them were pro-life in some way.

This conference is the first I’ve attended where there is a considerable number of pro-abortion attendees and speakers. In fact, there was at least one presenter who spent most of her time talking about abortion rather than the shared mission of providing diapers to parents in need. Yeah, that was a bit uncomfortable to say the least.

There was also a politician there who stated she was a pro-choice Catholic. That was fun too.

It’s hard not loose all respect for people like that. It gives new meaning to the nickname “bleeding heart” liberal.

They don’t see the total disconnect between wanting to help people and being totally fine with killing them too.

But, we weren’t there to argue over abortion, we were there to learn how we can better serve the poor who come to us looking for help, because they chose not to kill their child.

I was there for a dual purpose as well. Much of what I do for Mary’s Choice involves writing and marketing and soon, fundraising. All of that is information that will be useful when marketing and promoting my books and those of other writers.

It was kind of strange to see a room full of people with polar opposite views on so many issues together for the same purpose of helping people through non-profit work. There were no arguments or fights breaking out. It was a very professional event over all. And I’ve made some friends with people who I likely don’t agree with on many issues.

This one issue, though, we agree on and I’m more than happy to help them forward their mission.

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