Review: Codename: Unsub by Declan Finn & A. Yoskowitz

The sequel to Codename: Winterborn is finally out and it is awesome!

Codename: Unsub returns to San Francisco where Kevin is trying to survive in the crazy post-apocalyptic city. When bodies begin turning up, showing signs of torture, Kevin has to find the killer and stop him before his actions end up destroying the rest of the planet.

I couldn’t put the book down and I was totally shocked at the end. That doesn’t happen very often. I love it that this book does that.

This book introduces a new set of psychos who go around torching people for fun. The Burners, as they are called, are led by Alek. His backstory makes you almost feel sorry for him. Until he starts torching people, then you just want him dead.

There is also a new love interest, Nevaeh Kraft. You might recognize that name from another book that will be out soon.

If you’re wondering, like I was, what happened to Mandy? Well, she’s not gone. She makes a reappearance in this book, setting up the makings for a love triangle. (Yes, they are way overdone in romance, but I have a feeling that this would be far from the usual love triangle trope.)


  • The book goes into the back story of the destruction of the Assassin’s Guild. It was interesting to read that history. It gave more depth to Kyle’s character and to the world this book is set in.
  • There is an epic battle in Golden Gate Park between Kyle, Kevin and the Burners.
  • The surprise ending involving Nevaeh and Mandy. I was totally not expecting it.


  • The characters are in-depth. They have a backstory that affects how they react to the situations in the book. This makes them seem more real.
  • The book is well set up so that it’s not necessary to read Codename: Winterborn before reading this one. It helps to read that book to get a better understanding of why Kevin is there and who each of the players are, but isn’t necessary.
  • Mandy. She was my favorite character in Codename: Winterborn and she continues to be the same fun character who is kick ass.
  • The plot kept my attention all the way through. It was interesting an action-packed.


  • There are no redeeming qualities of the bad guys. They are all cold and heartless individuals who are unsympathetic. I’d have like to have seen at least something or someone they care at least a tiny bit about. This would make them more real and less like super villains.
  • It ends.


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