I Have Returned From Philadelphia

On Wednesday, I and the Executive Director of Mary’s Choice flew out to Philly for the National Diaper Bank Conference.

The flight to Philly Wednesday morning was short and uneventful. I like flights like that.

We landed in around 11:30 am and took the train to the downtown area. We got off a stop too soon and ended up walking 10 blocks to our hotel.


This was not a problem. I prefer walking. You get to actually see parts of the city that way. Plus, we we weren’t in a big hurry. We didn’t have to catch the bus for the Cradle to Crayons tour until 3 anyway.

I wasn’t very impressed by Philly. Red lights were treated like suggestions; homeless were camped out everywhere; and the down town wasn’t really that big, and other than some really cool historical buildings it wasn’t much to look at.

One thing about Philly, though…the food is awesome. (More on that later.)14590258_1510175518997668_4979940647915887484_n

The conference was at the Wyndham Hotel in downtown Philly. It turned out to be interesting and I learned a few things that we can implement at Mary’s Choice. And I met some interesting people.

There were also a few moments where I was rethinking whether I wanted to be there or not. But, overall it was a good experience.


The conference was over by 4 pm on Friday, which gave us time to sight see before we left Saturday afternoon.

We walked around the city Friday afternoon. Tried to go to the Basilica, but there was a wedding there when we arrived. Our next stop was Franklin Institute, which was closed, except for their special exhibit. On our way back, we tried the Basilica again. It was locked by then. And Reading Terminal Market was closed, so we wandered around until we found a little italian place for supper. Then back to the hotel.

Saturday was better. We took a bus tour of the city which was fun. We tried to eat at Reading Terminal Market again, but it was packed! We ended up at Chinatown eating real chinese.

That was about all the time we had before we had to head to the airport and fly home.

Our arrival home was rather eventful. Our ride from the airport didn’t show up even after 100 phone calls. (He fell asleep). I finally resorted to calling a cab so the poor girl waiting to close up could go home.

Sunday was spent trying to recover from the trip. I’m still exhausted.

More to come later.


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