Status Update On Books and Art

I’m going to be gone most of this week so I thought I would post a short update on my upcoming books.

Path of Angels

After almost four years of working on this book, I’m finally getting close to being finished. I have some rewrites to do and then back to beta readers for a final once over. Tentatively I’m looking at December to publish, but it will depend if other things get in the way.

Relic Hunter

The outline is finished and I have Chapter 1 almost done. I plan to work on this book during Nanowrimo in November. I have a number of other projects that I am working on too so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to write.

Dark Court

This is my Irish mythology inspired YA novel that I am writing with a co-author. I have the bare bones of an outline done, but it still needs fleshed out some. Character and setting sketches are started. I’m hoping to get started on this sometime before the first of next year, but we’ll see.

Saint Lucian’s Star

I rewrote this at the request of a few readers. I’m still deciding what to do with it exactly.

Other Novels

My other novels are on hold until I get some of these off my plate.

Book Covers

I have two new covers for books by Declan Finn that will be out soon and I’m working on a third for his Love At First Bite series.

I have a series of three covers that I’m doing for one author.

And there are a couple publishers looking at my work as well. More on that later.



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