Review: Sad Puppies Bite Back by Declan Finn

Although I read the originals on the blog, I read the book as a refresher. Mainly because there are some changes to the original.

Declan is currently working on an audio version of this book. Watch for it, because you’re going to want it to go with the text version.

So onto my review.

Sad Puppies Bite Back is a hilarious jab at the controversy between the Sad Puppies, Rabid Puppies and Puppy Kickers (aka SJWs, Liberals, The Children of Goodness and Light).

The first part of the book is a collection of SWATting stories. It starts out with the major players of the Sad Puppies, then moves on to minor players who requested they be SWATted. Then the book goes to a random collection of “behind the scenes” look at the major players of the Puppy Kickers and World Con attendance.

I loved the behind the scenes look at the meetings of the puppykickers. They were way over the top characatures of GRRM, Nielson-Haydens, Scalzi, and others. Okay Scalzi seems closely representative, if his Twitter rantings are any indication of what he’s like in real life.

If you are a Puppy or puppy sympathizer and love satire, ¬†you’ll love this book. The stories are short and hilarious.

If you’re on the other side, you’ll likely hate it, because you people have no sense of humor.

Sadly, my SWATting and story is not included in the book, but you can find it on Declan’s blog. Yes, I loved these so much I wrote my own. This was before I even knew who any of the people in the stories were or cared about the issue.



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