Review: Codename Winterborn

I committed a terrible oversight. I finished reading Codename: Winterborn by Declan Finn and neglected to write a review. So for my penance, here it is.

Codename: Winterborn is the tale of a US spy, Kevin Anderson, who has his entire team, along with his new wife, killed while on a mission in France and the resulting aftermath when they neglected to kill him.

This book is more like two novella’s than a single novel. The first half is about Kevin’s enacting revenge on the shady politicians who had his team killed. The second half tells about his exhile to the post-nuclear San Francisco.

My Favorite Parts

The kills where Kevin didn’t actually do the killing. It was just lucky circumstance that intervened.

All of the scenes with Mandy. She’s short, she’s dangerous and she’s got a soft spot for Kevin.

The Great

This book has some great one-liners. I was rolling over some of them.

The main characters are anything but boring. Kevin and Mandy are both a bit over the top, in a good way. You can see a bit of a relationship forming. It’s cute. And I hope in future books that relationship will develop.

While the plot for the first half is somewhat predictible, the second half is not. You never quite know what is going to happen or who Kevin is going to meet in the second half.

The post-nuclear word of San Francisco is dangerous and interesting. Every kind of wack-job you can imagine, and a few you can’t, live there. It made me want to keep reading to discover more about this insane futuristic world.

The Not So Great

I would have liked to have seen each of the two parts be their own books. The first half doesn’t give us enough time to despise the people who put a hit out on Kevin and his team.

A few scenes needed more setup. They came and went that it wasn’t always possible to figure out what the point to the scene was.

In the second half, there is Kevin and Kyle and after awhile I started confusing the two even though it’s clear that Kevin is the exhiled spy and Kyle is the assassin. Two people with the same first letter messes with the those of us that get easily confused.




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