Here A Con, There A Con…Everywhere A Con Con

So far this year I’ve attended 5 cons and I have 2 more to go.

The first in Philadelphia at the end of the month for a conference in connection with the pregnancy resource center that I help run.

The other is a sewing conference in Minneapolis that will be attending for fun with a friend.

Next year will be more of the same. Here’s a short list of cons I have on my radar. There are likely a more that will be added to the list as I go along.

February – I will be presenting at the Catholic Writer’s Conference Online.

April – Planet Comic Con (KC, MO) or Constellation (Lincoln, NE) (They are both the same weekend. Planet Comic Con is the larger of the two and if I can go as a guest, I’ll hit that one.)

May – SiouxperCon (SiouxFalls, SD), DemiCon (DesMoines, IA)

June – I get a break…I think.

July – Liberty Con (Chattanooga, TN), O Comic Con (Omaha, NE), Catholic Writers Conference Live (Chicago, IL)

With very little arm twisting, I was convinced to take on Dragon Con in September. I have my membership, I have my hotel and I have my cosplay ideas. And I’ve applied to be a guest. It is going to be so much fun!

I’m looking forward to have books out that I can plug. Maybe I’ll even sell a couple.

And I’ll get to meet people I’ve only met online and see people that I haven’t seen in awhile.

Yeah, I think I’ll be a bit busy next year. I better get my happy ass busy writing before Con season begins next year.


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