A Competition of Characters

I’m currently working on several different novels/short stories…at the same time. About 10 of them actually. (Titles are subject to change.)

Relic Hunter (Sci-fi)
The Dark Court (Fantasy)
Emerald Blaze (Historical Romance)
The Mystery of the Missing Mary (children’s)
St. Sasha’s Locket (Sci-fi)
Courage of Martyrs (dystopian)
Calling of Saints (dystopian)
Nun Chucks (crazy)
Several without titles yet.

Yes, I see that shocked look on your face.

How can you do that?

Well, focusing has never been my strong suit. You’d hate to see my real life to-do list. It’s beyond crazy, because not only do I have a day job as a paralegal, I help run a pregnancy resource center, teach religious ed, write, design book covers, beta read, edit and provide the occasional tech support to people I know. And when I have time, I read, watch tv and eat.

Back to writing. (Did I mention focus is not my strong suit?) Two books are rising to the top of the time contest, Relic Hunter and The Dark Court.

Relic Hunter is my top priority, because it’s the book that is going to get me a Dragon Award.

Okay…you can stop laughing.

No matter how much I want to work on Relic Hunter, The Dark Court is taking over.

It’s taking over my reading selections, my music selections and my thoughts.

Characters are so darn demanding sometimes.

Of course, I’m still in the research and plotting stages of The Dark Court and haven’t even begun to write. It will likely be months before I start the writing portion of this book. Plus, I’m looking at a co-author on that one, so it’s far more complicated than just writing.

But, for the moment, I’ll be working on The Dark Court just to appease the nagging characters.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be working on the other novels, because “focus”, but the majority of my time will be spent on the book where the characters are nagging me the most.


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    You’re my kind of crazy. Now I think I get why you enjoyed my appearance on Declan’s show.

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