The Evolution of An Image

This week I got a request to create an alien character using a younger image of an actress.

The character has gold metallic skin, silver metallic hair, gold irises and dwarf star blue pupils.

I’ve done minor corrections to hair and eyes before, but never anything this indepth. There was no way to know if it was going to turn out or not.

I started off with a black and white image:



I first broke it down into parts. The hair, the face, the eyes, the background and the shirt. It’s easier to work with and correct mistakes if it’s taken apart first. I always make additional copies of these parts so if I have to start over on a part, I don’t have to go through the long tedious process of cutting out the part I’m using, plus I know the parts will all line up correctly if I use copies of the originals.

Here is what the first rendition looked like.



The hair turned out correctly, but the skin looked too much like a fake tan and not metallic. And I did the eyes wrong. It looks good, just not correct.

So, try number two.


I darkened the skin and added highlights and shading to give it more of a metallic look. Then I corrected the eye color. It looks okay, but the eyes are bit funky.

So…try number 3.


I started by brightening the blue of the pupil, then defined the gold iris with the same blue to give it some definition.

Declan wanted the pupils smaller, so I corrected that in the final version.declan2



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