10 Things That Make You Want To Scream As A Writer

  1. Taking the time to send your story off to a publisher and never hearing anything…ever.
  2. Having the power go out just as you finish your novel and losing the last 3 chapters because you forgot to hit save.
  3. Saving the only copy of your writing files to a thumb drive or external hard drive to have it die.
  4. Amazon.com
  5. MSWord glitch just as you finish a deadline article, only to have to rewrite it because it “lost” your file even though you saved it several times.
  6. Having kids, friends, family members or neighbors who know you are busy writing, interrupt you anyway.
  7. Getting really great ideas while you’re away from the computer and completely forgetting what the great ideas were when you finally sit down at the computer to work.
  8. Losing your pen.
  9. Discovering your fingers have autocorrect.
  10. You know EXACTLY what the scene looks like, sounds like, smells like, but on paper it reads more like a white goose in a snow storm.

So…what makes you want to scream as a writer?

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