Relic Hunter: Hunt For A Dragon…Award

I know I don’t have a chance in Hell of getting a Dragon Award nomination for next year nor actually winning one (and getting to rub it in to Declan), but it will be fun to try regardless.

While I’m waiting on feedback for Path of Angels, I’m going to begin working on a new idea. It’s not really new, it’s a story that I’ve had in the back of my mind for a while. However, I never expected to write it, because it’s backstory for my Relic Hunter series.

In St. Lucian’s Star, which will be re-released as a novellette sometime this year, my main character goes off on an adventure with the very attractive, Darrion Artenan. Darrion is a freelance recovery specialist who works mainly retrieving lost and stolen relics from around the four galaxies. His signature piece of attire is a red Terelian Dragonhide Duster (there is also a matching hat and boots).


I’ve wondered about the story behind this coat. I know that he got it when he went to Terelia. But, why was he there? Did he kill the dragon himself? And how?

When I was doing some astronomy research for this story, I discovered that there are planets out there where the axis is horizontal, making the planet spin like a wheel. Instead of night and day like Earth, one side of the planet would be in constant light and the other side in constant dark. Hence, Terelia was created.

Terelian dragons are vicious beasts that live on the dry uninhabitable hot side of Terelia. Their meal of choice are the Terelian Darksiders; A race of people who are, as a consequence of being eaten in large numbers, short, black and hermaphrodites.  The Darksiders live in the lush forests on the dark side of Terelia. The planet rarely gets visitor because of the danger of the Dragons.

I have the setting and the main characters already fleshed out. I just need to discover the story.

So, Declan… it’s game on.

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