KC Comic Con Here I Come

On Saturday I’m heading to Kansas City for the Kansas City Comic Con. It’s about a short drive compared to the one to go to Schaumburg.

I think I have my phone working correctly so that I might get pictures that aren’t blurry. Apparently blurry pics are a common problem with certain Galaxy phones. A different app and the pictures are fine. Go figure.

Anyway, this is what my schedule looks like for the weekend.


11-12 Novel Writing

12-1 How to Color Comics

1-2 Making Comics

2-3 Scoping out the vendors

3-4 Cosplay Construction 101

4-5 Ksenia Solo

5-6 Double Threats

6-7 Comic Book Artists

7+ Work…yes, work. It doesn’t do itself.



9 Mass

12-1 Aaron Standford /Strategy & Tactics of Writing

1-2 Cosplay and photography

2-3 Crafting Your Cosplay

3 Leave for home

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