I Am Back

Well I made it home from Chicago on Saturday. I had expected to get away from work and responsibilities and have some fun in Chicago. That didn’t happen. Instead, I worked on two different book covers, worked on editing Path of Angels, played tech support to my son, my work and my volunteer work.

On Sunday, I spent the day at Mary’s Choice working. I will be there again Tuesday evening getting things prep’d for our new flooring to be installed on Wednesday. I am working on writing a grant proposal as well that is due at the beginning of September. Last year, I was doing the same thing. It’s deja vu.

Today was the beginning of playing catch up at work. Being the only staff at the law firm, work doesn’t get done while I’m gone. It collects and multiplies. I had almost 40 emails just from the one attorney that I’m farmed out to. She forgot that I was going to be gone last week. Throw in billing and paperwork for a lawsuit that was settled while I was gone and it’s going to take a bit to get caught up.

I am working on putting together a post about the conference as well as my sight seeing trip on my way home that I hope to have done this week. It probably won’t be up until Wednesday or Friday so check back.

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