Review: Killjoys Season 2

Killjoys is back for another season on the Syfy channel. Whoo Hoo!

Hanna John-Kamen plays Dutch, a woman raised to be an unwilling assassin turned bounty hunter. (Up until Killjoys, she mainly played bit parts since she started acting in 2011.) Her partners are John played by Aaron Ashmore (Warehouse 13) and D’avon played by Luke McFarlane (bit parts on Supergirl, Person of Interest). They are Killjoys aka space bounty hunters who track down criminals.

Season 1 was primarily an introduction to the characters, Dutch’s backstory and the setting. We meet all of the fun and interesting characters of the Quad. Pree’s bar is the hot spot for the latest news and gossip.

At the end of Season 1, The Quad was destroyed and D’avon is captured by Dutch’s enemy and former mentor, Khlyen, played by Rob Stewart (Defiance, Nikita).

Season 2 opens with a rescue mission and sets up new questions to be answered:

Is Khlyen an enemy trying to regain control over his former protege or is he trying to protect her from a much greater threat?

What happens now that the Quad is destroyed? Will it be rebuilt? Will a new planet become the home base?

What was Khylen doing to D’avon and why?

Who are the guys with the tazers and where did they take Khlyen?

In Episode 1, in order to rescue D’avon, Dutch, John and Pree have to obtain a device that will allow them to get through the barrier around the planet. Only one problem, the devise is on Eulogy, the outlaw planet where you have to have served time and have something to trade in order to be admitted. Most of the episode is about getting this devise. It turns out to be quite a bit of trouble to obtain. Once they have that, they are off to rescue D’avon.

I am looking forward to see where this show goes. It has the potential to be great show, but I can also see where it could go down hill fast. I found myself wondering what the point of some of the scenes were in Season 1.

Casting – This show is by far one of my favorites for the casting choices. I love Hanna as Dutch. I love the accent and the fact that she looks like she could kick butt. She plays the multifaceted character wonderfully. Thom Allison, who plays Pree the bartender, is hilarious, especially when teamed up with Aaron Ashmore. I’m not as fond of Luke McFarlane. He’s not a bad actor, but he just doesn’t seem to mesh as cohesively as the rest of the major casting choices.

Plot – The plot is probably the one thing that could use some work, especially the relationship between Khlyen and Ductch. I get that he is supposed to be some scary dude, but I don’t think there was enough development in Season One to show WHY Dutch should fear him. I would have liked to seen more of the power dynamics between the two before Season Two brought up the idea that he might not be a bad guy after all.

Writing – The writing is good over all and great in some places. I love the use of humor in this show. If it wasn’t for the humor, I think I would have been bored with the show after the first couple episodes. There was more than a couple times in Episode 1 that I laughed out loud and made my dogs wonder if I was crazy.

They need to do a better job making the threats seem real. There have been some conflicts that come across as too easily won and/or pointless. So far Season 2 does look like they have upped their game, but we’ll see.

Over all, it’s a fun show with lots of action. Well worth watching.



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