O Comic Con Report, Part 2

I had a little break after the 2nd panel I attended, so I roamed the halls a bit and watched the contestants for the cosplay contest lineup. There were a lot of really well done costumes. Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures. There are however a ton online. You can check them out on the O Comic Con facebook page.

Pester Hester

Phil Hester, a comic artist and writer from Eastern Iowa, talked about his experience and answered questions.

What I took away:

1) Technology allows you to live anywhere and work in the industry.

2) Every project is different.

3) Things are always changing. New tools and techniques.

4) Switch tools regularly to make things fresh.

5) The process of creating comics is a collaborative effort between penciler, colorist, writer and letterer.

6) Learn as much as you can about the industry and comic creation.

7) Practice – Your first 100 pages will be crap. Get them done and out of the way so you have something to show editors.

8) A finished comic is your best calling card.

9) Invest in a good chair.


Finding Your Style

1) Style is developed over time with lots of practice.

2) Learn the basics so you have a good foundation.

3) Google images is great for finding reference images to draw from.

4) Learn to say no to projects you don’t have time for or aren’t a good fit. Be selective.

5) The tools don’t matter.


I’m saving the last panel I went to for tomorrow. There will be video.

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