Happy Friday! O Comic Con & Camp Nanowrimo Updates

Okay, I should be excited that it’s Friday, but instead, I’m wondering where my week went. I’m not quite sure how it happens, but one day it’s Monday and then it’s Friday and well I don’t remember the days inbetween so much.

Camp Nanowrimo is coming along. I am about a tenth of the way to my goal of 10K. It’s slow going, because I am editing as I go. So, I may have added 3K words, but deleted 2K in editing to get a net of 1K added. I still need to add a few scenes and filling out the descriptions along the way.

Tomorrow I head to Council Bluffs for O Comic Con to check out the artists and art panels there. And maybe buy a few things. I’ve decided to dress up for the occasion. And being the smartass that I am, I’m going as a Dr. Who companion, which means I get to wear whatever is clean in my closet. No special outfit required. Yay.

Watch for my write-up about O Comic Con and pictures either Sunday or Monday.


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