Review: Unclaimed by Erin Cupp

Erin Cupp’s Unclaimed, a remake of Jane Eyre, has all of the sophistication of the original and an intriguing, futuristic spin that makes the book hard to put down. Unclaimed is the first of 3 books she will be releasing this year.

The Story

Jane E is a ten-year-old girl, living with her foster family the VanDeers, who neither likes her nor want her. After Jane E gets into a fight with her foster brother, Clint, her Mrs. VanDeer sells her into slavery to an information broker. 

Life at the sweatshop is rough. The girls sleep on the floor, the food is buggy and the other girls are mean. She finds a friend in Aidann, an older girl, and a mentor in Bhenji Nealingson, both of whom she loses soon enough. Jane E has to fight her co-workers and her colorblindness to make her way up the ranks from warper to runner in order to gain a bit of freedom. 

After the place is attacked and destroyed by angry clients, the sweatshop is shut down. The facility is converted to a school where Jane becomes a teacher. One day she realizes that she has no one there who would miss her nor whom she would miss, so she takes a position as a homeschool teacher in the remote reaches of ,


My favorite parts

The use of weaving to write messages in binary code. That was ingenious. I so want to learn how to do that.

When Aidann teaches Jane about the Memorarie and her scroll of prayers.

The Great

The formality of the writing gives it the feel of the original Jane Ayre.

I love the well-developed futuristic twist to the story.

The Not So Great

It ends so soon. I want to keep reading.

The buggy food. That was gross.

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