Catholic Geek Library is Live

Matthew Bowman, founder of the Catholic Geeks blog, has a new project that I jumped at the chance to be part of. I will be offering my cover services to CGL authors for a discount.

The Catholic Geeks is happy to announce a perhaps ambitious expansion: an author co-op, based around our brand, with the intention of bringing together self-published authors who write both fiction and nonfiction that would appeal to those looking for things geeky, Catholic, or both. We’re not forming a publishing house; it’s a cooperative venture, run by CG but focused on its authors: supporting each other, cross-promoting books, and sharing a single brand that can assure readers they’re about to crack open a quality read.

(Full announcement here)

Due to the severe shortage of publishers who deal with Catholic YA fiction, self-publishing is about the only way to get Path of Angels out there. So, this will be something I will be pursuing when I am ready to publish.

Also, another new thing over there is a Patreon account, which will help support the site and its authors. Is a $1/month too much to ask to for such an interesting and fun blog? I say not. So get your backsides over there and support them.

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