OComicCon & The War Is Over…

Or at least on hiatus until tomorrow night when the fireworks continue. It has been a constant barrage of fireworks for about a week now. Funny that in a state where fireworks are banned, so many go off each year. I guess it’s the joys of living just across the border from South Dakota where fireworks are not banned.

It’s too quiet to sleep. So I’m up reading past posts of A Pius Geek from DragonCon. This year’s DragonCon looks like it’s going to be amazing. Alas, I won’t get to go unless I win the lottery. Guess I’ll have to do what everyone else that can’t go does…watch parts of it on YouTube.

This coming weekend is OComicCon in Council Bluffs. I may go for the art workshops, which look interesting. The only comic book type of art I was ever interested in was that of Heavy Metal. It’s a horror genre comic with amazing artwork. Someday, I hope to get some of my work in there.

First, though, I have a book to finish. Which, while I’m up, I should work on.

And…the war is back on apparently. Seriously people…stop.


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