Camp Nanowrimo Starts Tomorrow!

Camp starts tomorrow. With a 3 day weekend coming up, if I push myself, I could get my minimal goal of 10K done within the first four days of camp. That’s just a little over 2K words per day, which is totally doable. Of course, plans never go as smoothly as I expect. But, it would be awesome if I can make it happen. Then, I can do a once over before sending it off to readers.

Then, I can move on to my next project which is at this point unnamed. The plan is to co-write this with another author, but that’s not set in stone yet. First, I need to do all of the prep work, which for this one will be expansive. Apparently, potential co-authors want more than just “I’ve got a great story” before they’ll commit. I will tell you that it’s set in NYC and will be grounded in Irish Mythology and Folklore.

I am a quarter Irish, my family having come over from Waterford Co. Ireland during the 1800s. They first settled in the Wisconsin area and the ones I know about moved on to Iowa, South Dakota and California. I connected with a few distant relatives back when I was actively researching my family history and obtained pictures of long dead relatives and heard a few stories. One of them was published in Family Tree Maker back around 2006 (I think).

I’m more than a little bit excited to the research for this book for a couple reasons. It will flesh out my family history. I’ll get to read the stories that my relatives grew up with in Ireland. And, I love mythology and folklore. The stories are meant to teach and not just entertain. That is what I hope that my new project will do as well.

Other than updates on progress, don’t expect much in the way of blog posts from me in July. Hopefully at the end, I’ll be announcing when my book will be coming out.


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