It’s Been A Crazy Week

The week started out with a deadline on Sunday. I spent the weekend putting together a story for Liberty Island Mag’s Summer contest which mixes love and politics. As I did for the Halloween contest, I wrote a horror story. This time it was with a bit of a Sci-fi twist. No idea when winners will be announced. Wish me luck.

Then Monday, I discovered a glitch with the book cover I created for Declan Finn’s Tearful Puppies Bite Back. It was entirely my own fault, which is annoying. I spent several hours having to completely recreate the cover. Declan was a good sport about it. (I was not.)

About this same time, I was contacted by another client who, due to the Orlando shooting needed to make changes to the book cover that was already finished. Oh…by the way, the book is almost ready to go to print. I’ll need those changes ASAP. So bump that up higher on my to-do list.

Somewhere in here I added another book cover client who needs a cover quickly and has a particular concept they’re looking for. Not a problem. Oh, wait, a problem. None of the images used in the concept cover can be used, so I have to try and search for substatute images that will work. This is time consuming, especially when working with a very tight budget.

By now, it’s Wednesday. Yes, somewhere along the way, I lost an entire day. Don’t know when or how, but I did. I am rushing to get a short story finished for submission. I did complete the story, however, I discovered that I had read the deadline wrong. It wasn’t June 16th, it was July 16th. Calendars are not my friends lately. So, I didn’t send it quite yet. I’m going to see if I can make the story better before I turn it in.

On top of this, the Self-Publishing Summit started this week and I’ve been trying to catch a few of the interviews to learn a thing or two. I would love to put this off, but each of the videos is only up for 72 hours. At almost 4 hours a day worth of videos I’m having to be very selective and multitask. It doesn’t leave any time to impliment any of the ideas or even take much for notes. I have been book marking speaker’s webpages and blogs in order to research them more later.

Add in the emotional upheaval of this week and I’m ready for a padded room. Facebook has been bringing up some of the wild memories from last summer. They should be happy memories. After all I wrote the Queen of Hearts Goes To World Con and trolled trolls over the whole Sad Puppies thing. Instead, because things didn’t quite turn out like I had expected they would and nothing will ever be the same again, the “good” memories are ruining my mood. Unless something changes, I suspect it’s only going to get worse. Thankfully, I have too much work to dwell on things for too long.

So, back to work. I have a book to finish and book covers to work on. And a gianormous to-do list.

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