Gun Safety Not Gun Bans

Let me start off by saying, I’m not a gun expert by any stretch of the imagination. I’m not a gun nut, either. I do however live with a gun nut and have guns of my own. I know how to safely shoot and I can hit what I aim at. On occasion, I will write guns into my story if they are relevant to the story.

Back around the time of Sandy Hook, my son, the gun nut, was almost expelled from school, because he was a gun nut with Aspergers. It didn’t matter that he had no homicidal tendencies nor showed any signs of violence whatsoever. He has Aspergers and likes guns. Obviously, that made him a school shooter in the making. Of course it was bullshit. He is still a gun nut and still the least likely person to ever go on a shooting rampage…unless you’re 10 lbs of gummy bears melted together or a paper target, then you’re in trouble. His favorite guns are true assault rifles, circa early 20th century.

Every time a shooting occurs, like what happened in Columbine, Sandy Hook and now in Orlando, the same screeching occurs. Those on one side start screaming about how guns of various varieties need to be banned and the other sides starts screaming about how the government is going to come in and take their guns. Really guys? It’s the same damn thing EVERY TIME. And every time, nothing of significance changes. Chill already.

For those advocating banning guns, stop being dicks. It is not the gun that you should be scared of, but rather the person behind the gun. A sane, law abiding person will never be a danger to you or others, regardless of what type of guns or other weapons they own. This happens to be the huge majority of gun owners. These are the people you want to own guns, because they aren’t going to kill you.

An insane, criminal person will be dangerous regardless of whether they have a gun or not. Banning guns is not going to prevent them from murdering people.  Criminals will find a way to get guns regardless. And if they don’t have access to a gun, they will use other means, like bombs or planes. Instead of dozens of people dying, hundreds or thousands will die in a single incident. Personally, I’d rather not have that happen. At least with guns, you have a chance to defend yourself if you also have a gun. There is no defending yourself against explosives.

Also, there is the problem of criminals going for easy targets. Unarmed people make the best marks. Gun free zones are a mass murder’s dream, because they know that none of the victims will be able to fight back. Supporting gun free zones is like putting a target on ever person that enters the area. It makes those people sitting ducks, ripe for the killing.

The third category are the ignorant. These are the people, kids included, who don’t know the first thing about guns and end up shooting themselves or others by accident. Gun safety classes should be mandatory in school and prior to buying a gun. This would go a long way to reduce accidental shootings. There will still be stupid people. It doesn’t take much effort to find news about some idiot who injured himself because he was being stupid. These are the people who should probably not have guns, but considering the death rate of such people, the problem will take care of itself.

For those crying about how the government is going to come take your guns. Hello…the government can’t even locate thousands of gun they were intentionally tracking. Do you really think they are competent enough to identify and confiscate anyone’s guns? I don’t think so. So, relax. Stay vigilant against government overreach, but please, for the love of God, stop acting like the sky is falling. That type of crazy turns people off and they start thinking that mental health checks for owning guns are a good idea and gives credibility to the gun banners.

For the stupid people out there. If you can’t or won’t safely store and handle a gun. Safe yourself the injury and embarrassment by not getting a gun until you know what you’re doing.



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