After Weekend Report and What’s Up For This Week

I had a long list of stuff to do for this last weekend and this is what I got done.

  • a story for Liberty Island Magazine’s Summer of Love contest – DONE & submitted
  • a story for The Once And Future King anthology – Deadline is the 16th…plenty of time to get something started. I have an idea, just need to put it on paper
  • blog posts for next week and beyond for both this blog and The Catholic Underground – started
  • more editing of Path of Angels and writing the subplot scenes – getting closer to being done
  • beginning research for a new novel, because why not – shoved to the bottom of the list
  • finishing book covers for 4 books – not yet…long story
  • working on illustrations and art for my portfolio – shoved to bottom of the list
  • working on the next book on my list of books to review – started reading The Wrong Enemy by Jane Lebak
  • begin prepping for CWCL – postponed
  • prep June’s issue of the Catholic Book News – DONE
  • Update the Sioux City OCDS website and Mary’s Choice website – postponed
  • get my bookkeeping caught up – it’s math…going to procrastinate longer
  • and, I know I’m forgetting something – still no idea what I’m forgetting

Yesterday morning I discovered an issue with one of the book covers I designed and had to completely redo it. This cut about three hours out of my time to work on other things.

This week, I’m going to keep working on this to-do list. I picked up another two book covers to work on.

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