The Week Is Finally Over

The weekend is finally here! Yay! Maybe now things will get better. I won’t hold my breath, though.

Of course, I will be working all weekend. On my to-do list is:

  • a story for Liberty Island Magazine’s Summer of Love contest
  • a story for The Once And Future King anthology
  • blog posts for next week and beyond for both this blog and The Catholic Underground
  • prep guest posts about The Catholic Underground
  • more editing of Path of Angels and writing the subplot scenes
  • beginning research for a new novel, because why not
  • finishing book covers for 4 books
  • working on illustrations and art for my portfolio
  • working on the next book on my list of books to review
  • begin prepping for CWCL
  • prep June’s issue of the Catholic Book News
  • Update the Sioux City OCDS website and Mary’s Choice website
  • get my bookkeeping caught up
  • and, I know I’m forgetting something

Since it’s going to be terribly hot and I still don’t have working A/C, I may have to do this from the library or other location or just suffer through it. I didn’t have working A/C all of last year and got…well…nothing done. So, the library it is after breakfast and coffee at the Daily Grind tomorrow.

Even though it’s almost midnight and I want to sleep, it’s still almost 90 degrees, so I guess I will start working on my to-do list now until it cools off enough to sleep.

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