The Joys of Technology

There are moments when I miss the days of no computers, when everything was done either over the phone or in person.


This week has had several of those moments.

First was when Dropbox wouldn’t update. Since I work on covers from 3 different computers, syncing is necessary to keep working. More than once I had to redo changes that I had already made because one of the three computers wasn’t syncing. Joy.

Second, was finding out that due to conflicts in programs, comments to this blog were essentially disabled. I have no idea how long I haven’t had comments, but they are now back up.

The last thing has nothing to do with computers or software. Instead, my central air is out and I’m hot. The sucky part is that it was out the entirety of last year because the management of my apartments dropped the ball. They didn’t get it fixed until their precious water pipes were threatened by freezing tempetures. Now of course, it’s summer and the cooling portion is broke and I don’t expect it will get fixed again this year. I really need to move. Sigh.

Oh, and I have a flat tire on my car which is going to require new tire.

Yes, I know, you’re all jealous of my life.

Now…I need to get busy working so that I can afford to replace the tire before CWCL in July.

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