Rough Week Already

Yesterday morning, I did something that could only be called masochistic. I posted drafts of two covers I was working on (with permission of the author) and asked for criticism. Mind you, I was asking this of people I’m somewhat familiar with on Facebook. So, it was probably a lot nicer than if I posted for the general public to critique.

Both covers were for the same book. The first, was a drawing of mine, which I scanned in and worked with digitally. It didn’t turn out like I had hoped it would, but it wasn’t terrible (opinions vary on this). It was meant to be cartoonish, because the book is a parody based on the Hugo controversy last year. The book is funny, so that is what I went with. The author liked it well enough, but few others did. So I made a quick draft cover using photo manipulation. It wasn’t great. In fact, I wanted to scrap it and try something different. Instead, I posted online for ideas.

The comments ranged from a simple post saying which of the two they liked better. To those are aweful – get someone else. Yikes! I don’t take criticisms personally. I’d rather have someone be nonest and say they hate something I’ve done and have the chance to change it over having someone say they like it when it’s terrible. That’s just me.

If you don’t like my work, okay. Different people have different tastes. But, to tell the author to get someone else irritates the heck out of me. It’s apparent that the person hadn’t paid a bit of attention to the fact that I had just, a few days ago received glowing reviews for another cover for the same author. I am good at what I do. So, you can stuff your opinion.

The author, of course, stuck with me and we came up with a similar design that looked much better based on some of the helpful comments that were given. And I’m commissioned for several more covers in the future.

Last night, after being beaten up on these covers, I ended the evening with a rejection letter and another client wanting samples of my artwork prior to beginning work, we had already agreed on. We’ll see if the samples I sent are good enough. If not, then we’ll part ways and I work on the projects I have currently on my plate.

If things continue like this all week, I think I might crawl in a book this weekend and forget the world exists.


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    I made that mistake too, once. And only once. I’m so sorry you got attacked.

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      Thanks Jane. I’m sure I’ll do it again. Just because I’m insane like that.

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