New Covers, Path of Angels Update & More

For a short week, it was loaded with drama and other such funnery. I’m exhausted, not only by the stress of it all, but also from lack of sleep. I’m a bit behind on posting this week, so I thought I’d write a quick update on everything that’s going on.

Honor At Stake’s New Cover

First up, I slapped together a brand new cover for Declan Finn in about 2 days time with a few minor tweaks. He had publisher drama and all of a sudden has Honor At Stake back. It is being re-release shortly with my new cover on it. Here is what it looks like.


I’m pretty sure that having me do the covers is a massive scam by Declan to get me to buy new copies of his books regardless of the fact I already have a copy of every one of them in print.

Next up on my to-do list are covers for two other books Declan is preparing to release: Tearful Puppies Bite Back and Set to Kill.  I have concepts for both, but the execution just isn’t quite there yet. Two more books in the Love At First Bite series will need covers as well, but not for a bit.

Path of Angels Update

Path of Angels is slowly coming along. I am still projecting a July release as long as I don’t get buried under the avalanche of other work. The villain in the story has made his appearance and added a new twist to the storyline that I hadn’t previously been aware of. The character is very hard to write, considering I don’t think at all like him. And the person he is modeled after is a lawyer, ex-lawyer I believe now, who I could never stand. Since the rough draft of book 3 is not completed yet, I have no idea if he gets what he deserves in the end or not. It’ll be a surprise.

The Catholic Underground

The website is up and running. It’s so much work getting people to take notice of a new website. I’ve been trying my best to let people know that there is Catholic and Catholic friendly fiction out there that is good and fun to read.

Cafe Press

This week I also set up a Cafe Press site to sell merchandise with my designs on it. Check it out at   I bet if you order something with one of Declan’s covers on it, he’ll be glad to sign it for you at Liberty Con in July.

There is also The Catholic Underground items as well. I’ll be at the Catholic Writer’s in Chicago at the end of July. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

My Crazy Life

Lately, life has been crazy around here. I have had several people tell me that they have me in mind for jobs that may be opening up in the area within the next year or so. My dream of being a full-time freelancer is looking like it might be a real possibility in the not too distant future as well. And, I’m in the running for a job in an entirely different area of the country. At the moment, there is nothing concrete to hang my hat on, but it would be nice to know where to put my efforts.

Full-time freelancing would be nice, but I am thoroughly sick of having no one to talk to at work or when I get home. It’s boring. There is no one get into trouble with. I imagine it would be worse if I never left my house. And while I’ve made some very good friends online, it’s just not the same as having people in the same location. If it wasn’t for some of my volunteer work, I’d never get to talk to anyone.

Staying in the area isn’t very appealing nor is moving. Yes, I know that’s quite the conundrum. At one time, I knew what I was going to do. Even had a timeline in place. Then, the person I was making plans with changed their mind, so I’m left to figure out what to do next. For now, I’m here and until something concrete presents itself, here is where I’ll stay. My best friend and her two girls have been begging me to move closer to them for years. I might take them up on that. Who knows.

Regardless of what I end up doing, I will still be writing and creating fabulous cover designs. And in July, I will get to finally meet some of my online friends at the Catholic Writer’s Guild.



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