YA/NA Catholic Friendly Fiction Site Coming Soon

On May 18th my latest project goes live at http://catholicunderground.dawnwitzke.com/

The Catholic Underground will feature Catholic information and books of interest to teens and young adults. And I’m sure there will be adults that will get use out of the site as well.

It will be hosted by Aadi and Mischa who appear in my upcoming novel Path of Angels, book 1 of the Underground Series. (No, it’s not finished yet.)

Featured books will vary from strictly Catholic to Catholic friendly and there will be character interviews. Check out what the characters of these books have to say about their co-stars and enemies as well as who would play them in the movie. (The ones that I’ve gotten already are hilarious.)

So why the new site?

Two reasons.

First, as a marketing to drum up interest in my upcoming novels. An author can’t sell books if no one knows about them.

Second, as a tool to draw interest in Catholic and Catholic friendly fiction. There is so much garbage on the market that promotes ideas that are bad for teens. I want to have a place where teens and their parents can find books that that are fun to read, yet don’t contradict their moral principals.

If you know Catholic teens or teens just looking for good books, let them know about the site. Again, it will go live on May 18th.

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