Review: A Pius Legacy

I finished A Pius Legacy Sunday morning after much-interrupted reading on Saturday. Seriously, people, when I have my nose in a book…leave me alone. Especially when I’m at a good part. This book is an amazing sequel to A Pius Man.

I haven’t always had the best of luck with subsequent books being as good as the first. This one was in many ways better than A Pius Man. The pace was a bit slower and there was more character development that there really wasn’t time for amongst all of the action of the first book. It’s another excellent book by Declan Finn.

A Pius Legacy: A Political Thriller by Declan Finn
Published by: Createspace
Kindle and paperback

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The Story

Pope Pius XIII is kidnapped and put on trial at the Hague for crimes against humanity. Sean A. P. Ryan and an interesting cast of characters set out to break him out of prison and combat the media storm raging against the Catholic Church.

My Favorite Parts

A naked Sean Ryan. In manacles. Now that’s an interesting image. He’s got loads of scars, as expected. But, of course, that isn’t what I picture. (No, it’s not that either. Get your mind out of the gutter.) It’s the artwork of muscles along his arms, shoulders, back and legs. I can’t say I particularly like what was done to him in this scene, though.

The trial was an amazing mix of history and reason refuting many of the ideas that make the rounds of those who have a beef with the Catholic Church.

The attempted prison break was fun. If I could have anyone on my side, it’d be the IRA guys. They are tough buggers. Not very disciplined, but tough.

The Great

The character development shows the complexity of Declan’s characters. These aren’t two-dimensional action figures. They are “real” people.

I liked the pacing of the action in this book. It wasn’t so fast that you felt like you were going to die from exhaustion reading it and it wasn’t so slow that it was boring.

The Not So Great

A character I like dies in this book. There was a death in the first book too, but I was prepared for that one. This one was a bit of a shock. (I really do not like sad parts, especially sad endings.)

There is some repetition from the first book, which you’ll only notice if you read the books back to back. (You can always skim over the scenes if you recall the information from the first book.)


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