Writing From the Files

I was rummaging through old files and came across this scene. Growing up I dreamed of living on a farm. Not just any farm, though, I wanted to live on a farm where there were no modern conveniences, except maybe running water. When I was older, I spent a couple of days with an Amish family. Unlike most of their neighbors, they had a car and electricity, but I got to see how they lived from the outside. As an adult, I got the chance to live on an acreage. It wasn’t back to basics, but the water did smell like the sheep that lived next door. Living in the middle of nowhere with the closest neighbor, who wasn’t a sheep, being almost a mile away, I discovered that it’s far more work than you could imagine. However, I loved the quiet and the amazing view of the night sky. That experience was what led to this scene and the novel idea that I may someday develop.

“You won’t last a month on your own.” The hairs stood on the back of Lilly’s

neck, heat rising to her face. “Homesteading is hard work! And honestly hon, you’ve

never done a day’s hard work in your life.” Lilly turned towards her packing, pulling her

anger inside. What did he know anyway? Roy Langley, her lover of five years, stood

over her, hands on his hips. Crisp new cardboard boxes lined the rose colored walls of her

stately apartment. Several men were loading the furniture into the moving van outside.

This move had been a long time in the making. Since her visit with her elderly great-

grandmother 15 years earlier, Lilly longed to live in the country. Living without all the

luxuries that were necessary for living in the big city. Relying on companies to provide

what was needed to live. Now it all seemed possible. Her great-grandmother had passed

on to the Summerland six months ago, leaving Lilly the farm. She had no idea why her

Great-grandma Lil left her everything, she had only met her once.

“If you leave, don’t expect to come jumping back into my bed, because someone

else will have filled your spot.” Lilly tightened her fists and twisted to her full five foot

stature to face the man she loves.

“That’s it! Lilly tightened her fists and twisted to her full five foot stature to face

the man she loved. “I am leaving whether you like it or not and I will not be coming back

to you. And,” Lilly paused to catch her breath. “There has always been someone else

filling your bed in my spot, so don’t give me that bullshit. You’ve never been faithful in

your life.” She pointed a short slim finger at Roy’s chest. “And if I do fail, you will be

the last person I come running to.” Lilly pulled her finger back at Roy’s look of fear.

“Please leave.” she said solemnly, almost in a whisper.

“You know they will never accept you.” The atmosphere in the room became

mortuary like. Sadness over took Lilly, knowing that Roy was right on that issue. A

witch would never be accepted where she was going.

“Just go” Roy turned and left giving Lilly one last look at his dark features. She

would miss him, even if he was a jerk.

Cali rubbed against her legs purring loudly

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