The Master of Lies…or Not

I finally caught an episode of Lucifer. It’s not a half bad show…if you ignore a few major things.

Lucifer Morningstar (aka Satan aka the Devil) runs a nightclub in LA and, strangely enough, consults with the police to help bring bad guys to justice. Uh huh. And he sees a therapist, who seems to be an atheist. Uh huh.

Forget for a bit that biblically his beef is with God and that humans are simply casualties in that war. Also, forget the fact that he is a master of lies and deceit. There is no good in him. Also, forget everything you’ve ever been taught about sin, otherwise, you’ll get caught up in the obvious wrongness of the details and miss the fun. (Tennant’s Killgrave would be a more convincing and realistic Lucifer.)

The Lucifer in the show is far more sympathetic and likeable. He is played by British Actor, Tom Ellis. (Why does Satan always seem to have a British Accent?). He brings a touch of humor to the role, but is convincing in the serious and action scenes. I do like watching him fight.

Lucifer has a brother, Amenadiel, played by D.B. Woodside. You’ll notice that they don’t look anything alike. They also don’t get along, except when they are kicking butt together. Lucifer is the fun brother and Amenadiel is more of the moody sort. Oh, and Amenadial has it in for Lucifer.

The episode I watched was Take Me Back To Hell. It seems that Amendiel has been trying to get Lucifer to go back to Hell where he belongs. In the mean time, a psycho is going around killing people and Lucifer gets blamed for the deaths. The cop, played by Lauren German, is trying to clear his “good name.” All three are set on getting the killer for different reasons.

If you can shut your brain off for 30 minutes, you’ll enjoy it.


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    I loved Lucifer (the show, not the actual Prince of Darkness) and I got my mom hooked on it, too. Ignoring the supernatural stuff, it\’s a lot like Castle. I understand the series is based on a comic book series and they get their wrong theology from there.

    It\’s nothing I\’d recommend to anyone who refuses to study their Catechism, though.

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