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First, there was the Hugo Awards controversy and now the Bram Stoker Awards have their own version. What the heck is going on? Have people lost their freaking minds?

Books should be about the story. Who the hell cares what the author’s skin color is or what politics they subscribe to or who they’re having sex with? It is the book that receives the award, not the author.

When it comes to awards, the people who put attributes or politics of the author over the quality of the book, need to pull the stick out. It is one thing to not buy books from authors you don’t personally agree with. It’s an entirely different matter to try and

It’s an entirely different matter to try and blackball authors because of personal differences. Or as in the case of the Bram Stoker Awards, force someone out for belonging to a certain political party over 30 years ago.

Seriously, let it go.

I really hate the term Social Justice Warrior/Whiner. The Catholic Church teaches that social justice is a legitimate concern. And thus, I know Catholics who do fight for legitimate social justice and identify as Social Justice Warriors. These harpies who attack people for being the “wrong” type of fan are not fighting for social justice, they are fighting to force everyone to believe as they do or get shunned.

Unfortunately, it seems that the harpies have taken over.

So, what can we do to fix the problem? First, read fun books. Find books you like. Buy said books to encourage the author to write more fun books.

First, read fun books. Find books you like. Buy said books to encourage the author to write more fun books. Tell your friends about fun books you’ve read. Put up reviews on Amazon. Write to the author to show your support of their work.

Second, ignore award lists. Unless, you’re like me and use them as a “what not to read” list. Seriously, who wants to read crap that is chosen by self-appointed elitists who think their opinion of who should be writing and what should be read is far superior thanĀ us as individuals. I wish that simply not buying crappy books will make them go away, but sadly it won’t.

Third, get involved. If the harpies can take over once respectable groups and turn them to crap, why can’t we take them back? Push back against forced group think. Or better yet, get involved with groups that haven’t been totally overrun by harpies and keep those groups harpie-free.

Fourth, if you’re into science fiction/fantasy, register and vote for your favorite books in the Dragon Awards, which looks to be a true representation of science fiction fans and not the self-appointed elite.

Fifth, the last and hardest thing to do, don’t give i

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