What I’m Working On & Something New

I have been working hard lately. Or, at least trying to. Between interruptions and taking last weekend off, I’m a bit behind.


I have a number of projects that I’m trying to finalize and get out.

St. Lucian’s Star – After some review, I am expanding this short story and will re-release it when I’m done.

St. Sasha’s Locket – I am working on editing it and once it’s gone out to a couple more readers, I will publish it.

Path of Angels – It is in the first round of edits. I have a few additional scenes to write and then on to more edits.

Book Covers

I am working on 5 book covers at the moment, 3 for Declan and 2 for other clients.


I read through advanced copies of Erin Cupp’s book coming out in June and Declan Finn’s book coming out…sometime. The reviews will be up shortly before their release dates.

I am also working through A Pius Legacy by Declan Finn and Chasing Freedom by Marina Fontaine. Reviews to be up when I’m finished.

Music Mondays

Starting next week I’ll be adding something new to this blog – Music Mondays. Every Monday I’ll have a new video of music that I like. This won’t be music you can write to, but rather music you can procrastinate with. So instead of 3 blog posts each week, I’ll have 4 (hopefully).

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