A Day In The Life of This Writer

Over on The Back Deck blog, Amy Bennett gives us a peek into a day of her life as a writer.

Writers are as varied as their work. We all have different schedules, different writing methods and different crazy schedules. I thought I would join in and show you just a hint of the craziness that is mine.

On a typical day I get out of bed between 6:45 am and 8:30 am depending on if I need to be somewhere before I have to be to work at 9:00 a.m.

My morning routine involves taking the dogs out, feeding the dogs, getting a shower, saying morning prayer, getting dressed, checking email, texts and social media…not necessarily in that order.

More days than not, I swing through McDs for coffee and a sausage burrito. Someday I’m going to get burned out on those, but so far so good. I would drink the coffee at work, but I don’t like my coffee so strong that it can dissolve a spoon.

I work for a semi-retired attorney as a paralegal/secretary/office manager/lightbulb changer dealing with probate, corporate and real estate matters. I also do a bit of work for another attorney who does family law (family law sucks by the way). Work is either feast or famine, which means I frequently have long stretches of down time.

This down time is spent on little things that I need to check off my to-do list, like blog posts that I’m behind on writing or editing or reading or updating one of 4 websites or arguing on Facebook. Okay, I don’t need to argue on Facebook, but it’s fun.

I leave work at 5:00 pm Monday through Friday, unless one of the attorneys waited until the absolutely last minute to do something and needs it done right now. Then, I get to stay until it’s finished. (This usually happens on a Friday.) During the summer my boss golfs on Friday so I get to leave an hour or two early. I love those days.

My evenings vary greatly depending on the time of year. Monday and Tuesday are usually spent working on my WIP or paid work. Paid work takes priority over just about everything else. Wednesday is reading, then religious ed night during Sept til May. I teach a group of wild kindergarteners and first graders for an hour. Afterwards I go home to recover and work on whatever needs done.

Thursday night is Mary’s Choice night. I work there until 7:00 pm (sometimes later), then go home and either read or find mindless TV to watch.

Friday is reading night. I curl up in my recliner with my book and my dogs and read.

Weekends vary a lot.

A good Saturday is one spent reading, writing blog posts for the coming week, editing, writing and chatting with friends. Other times I am working at Mary’s Choice from nearly sun up to sun down or I’m at my OCDS formation or I’m off having a life. Life doesn’t happen often, but it’s fun when it does.

I try to be lazy on Sundays, I really do. I usually make it until the middle of the afternoon when I check a few more things off my to-do list. At 6:00 pm I either listen to Declan’s show or watch IPTV. Then 8:00 pm is Catholic Writer’s Guild chat.

If I’m lucky, I’m in bed before midnight. Otherwise, I’m up until I’ve made significant progress on whatever I’m working on or reading. Some books are highly dangerous to read before bed. (Ahem…Declan.)

Somewhere in between all of that, there is grocery shopping, shooting, tactical shooting, eating, laundry, dishes, cleaning, walking, visits to the dog park, friends, relationships, putting out “fires”, and thinking about what it would be like to have a normal slow boring life.






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    I\’d hate to see what your daily planner looks like! But it goes to prove what I\’ve always said… writers write because we love it!

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      I don’t keep a daily planner. Things change too much to do that. I keep a to-do list instead and check off things as I get to them.

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