Movie Review: Iron Man

You may remember that when I was out in New York City, Declan Finn tried to get me to watch this movie. I, of course, fell asleep within 5 minutes of the start.

Completely on accident, I discovered that my local library had a copy.

So, I finally watched Iron Man and I liked it. Okay, don’t get too excited. There were a few things that I didn’t like.

First off, the first third of the movie seemed to be a completely different movie from the rest with it’s own beginning, middle and end. At first I was wondering why the movie was so short and somehow didn’t have iconic red and gold suit. Then I realized that there was two-thirds of the movie still to go. Good thing too, because it was awesome.

Secondly, the logic for ditching making weapons for his own country’s military seemed thin. Did he think the bad guys were just going to quit attacking if the good guys no longer had weapons? Probably not, which means he would have been leaving the very people he supposedly was doing it for defenseless (assuming Stark Industries was the only defense contractor).

Third, why are there so many evil guys who are greedy, rich bastards (In this case, played by Jeff Bridges)? And what’s with all of the super rich turning into superheroes after traumatic experiences? Come on…doesn’t anyone have anything original?

Fourth, there was a pound size can in the center of Stark’s chest. Umm…seems a bit far fetched, but okay.

Now for what I liked about the movie.

The casting was great. Robert Downey Jr. was excellent in this role.

The liberal use of humor, both vocally and through action made the movie fun. I especially liked the parts when he was first testing his suit. That poor car, though. Sad.

Overall, great movie. Definitely worth watching.

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